Buckeye Burl


Buckeye burl is known as some of the most expensive wood the United States due to the difficulty to harvest, and because of its beautiful grain patterns, and colors. The wood itself is very punky, with a janka hardness of 770 lbf (3,430 N)*. Buckeye burl is workable without stabilizing, however the wood can contain a lot of voids, and cracks due to the burl growing underground in the root system. 

If you stabilize buckeye burl its workability becomes drastically easier, and because of the punky nature of the wood it will gain large amounts of weight in the stabilizing process. Oils, and waxes work well with the wood to make color and figure pop.

Because of the burls natural beauty it is highly sought after by box makers, ring makers, pen makers, musical instrument makers, and used as turning stock for all sorts of wood craft projects. 


You can check out some of the buckeye burl we have listed for sale here